Tips for Addressing an Employment Gap on Your Resume

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A skilfully written resume can often be enough to get you in the door for an interview, giving you a real shot and landing the job of your choice. If your employment history has a gap, you might wish to disguise this fact on your resume. This, however, can be a bad idea. Employers can often quickly tell when someone is disguising an employment gap, which may make them leery of calling you for an interview. If you haven’t worked for any reason for a certain amount of time, here are some tips for dealing with this issue on your resume. Highlight Your Professional Training A gap in your employment history doesn’t have to lessen your chance of getting the job. You can compensate for this gap by highlighting your professional training that is applicable to the position for which you’re applying. For example, if you have been out of work for a year but have kept busy by taking some courses at your local junior college in office administration, focus on making this information a highlight on your resume. The average employer will be able to see that even if you haven’t been employed for a period, you’ve been sharpening your skills to remain competitive in the industry. Write About Unpaid Internships An unpaid internship may not technically be the same as being employed, but it’s still a productive use of your time when you don’t have a paying job. This information can take a central position on your resume if you have a gap in your employment history. For example, perhaps you left your last career because you wanted to make a change, and then decided to work as an intern to get some real-world experience in a new industry. This detail shows a high degree of initiative, and even if you weren’t in a paid position, many employers will be interested to speak to you. Discuss Volunteer History Some people who have a gap in their employment history can benefit from discussing their work as a volunteer. This information shows prospective employers that you’ve been actively giving back in the community, which can be desirable to many companies. For example, if your employment history gap is because you’re a stay-at-home mother, you can talk about the volunteer work you do during the day, whether it’s helping out at your child’s daycare or school, taking care of a few children after school, or something else that is related. For more tips on filling in your resume when you’ve had a gap in employment, talk to a service like In Sync Visions &...

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Website

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Your website will say a great deal about your business. Many people who own small businesses create a website to improve their image online, but find that their website is ineffective in bringing in customers like they imagined it would. This could be for a variety of reasons, including web design. It is important that you know what mistakes you might be making that could be contributing to your ineffective website. Here are a couple things to avoid. 1. It Is Not Mobile Friendly Although you create your website on your computer and might even expect people to look you up while on a computer, that is just not realistic anymore. Instead, many people are using their phones to access information on the Internet. This means that a good deal of the time, if not the majority of the time, people will be viewing your website on their mobile phone. If your website is not mobile friendly, you just lost a potential customer. This is why you should spend as much time working on the mobile version as the computer version. 2. The Message Isn’t Direct Enough People are not going to spend a lot of time on your website unless you can catch them at the beginning. They will probably take a couple minutes to browse and if they can’t get the information that they need quickly, they will dismiss your website and move onto the next. This is why you should ensure that your message is direct and easy to find. If the purpose of the website is entertainment, you will need something to catch and entertain them right from the beginning. If you are trying to bring customers into your business, you will need to present your product or service right away and let them know where to find it. Don’t waste time with inspirational messages, or information that is useless, instead get right to the point.  3. There Are Too Many Words People are not going to spend time sitting and reading all the information on your website, unless they already believe in it. A good way to bring them in from the beginning is to use pictures. Pictures can convey a message, and can even illicit and emotional response. For this reason, use pictures to get your message across as well as words.  By paying close attention to web design and the information presented on the site, your website can become a great asset to your business....

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Custom Software Develpment Ideas Every Call Center Should Consider

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While off-the-shelf software for businesses made a lot of tasks easier to handle a long time ago, it usually meant having to pay for an all-inclusive platform filled with features that would barely ever get used, especially in a call center setting. The modern days have definitely changed and you can now get custom software developed for just about any business you can imagine. Having access to software that is precisely built for your call center specifically is easily one of biggest perks of the modern age. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to get the best from custom software development for your call center. Always ask about implementing advanced call center functions into the custom software program. Creating the most comprehensive operating system for your call center is what makes your business a success with customers. In-bound and out-bound calls should be closely monitored, which always involves custom software that is designed to cater to the in-call demands. A few of the implementable options you should consider including as part of a custom package include: in-call speech analysis software, which monitors customer voice for change and gives almost immediate feedback in-call recording with advanced playback options that can be used while a call is taking place expanded text analytics that give employees access to text information from any customer during a call Take full advantage of the availability of software development for the financial aspects of your call center.  Attention to customer accounts, easy access to billing platforms, in-call credit screening programs–all of these are examples of applications that will be handy to have around when it comes to the finances of your call center. Make a short list of what your call center would find valuable from a financial standpoint and talk to the developer about what can be implemented appropriately. You will probably be surprised to see just how many ways a custom-designed platform can make life easier for both you and every employee that picks up a call. Ask about streamlined employee education applications. The key to success in any business is making sure employees are educated and educated regularly. Custom software developers constantly create training applications that are catered to the needs of a business and you can have the convenience for your call center just the same. Make it possible for your associates to navigate straight to a training dashboard from their desk and fulfill training requirements in between calls with a highly-effective employee training application. For more information about custom software development solutions, reach out to a local...

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Web Design Trends Your Business Can’t Afford To Miss

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If you want to succeed in the world of online business, you need to stay on top of the latest website design trends. These trends change so quickly that it can be impossible to know if your site is current and “hip.” The following trends are some of the most sweeping and industry-changing, and ignoring them will leave your business far behind your competitors. Long, Scrolling Pages The days of clicking through a complex web of pages may be over. Long, scrolling pages are becoming more and more popular, due to their simplicity of use. Simply put, users don’t have to navigate a confusing maze of information, but can just scroll their mouse wheel to learn all they need to know from your page. However, designing scrolling pages isn’t as simple as creating an endless scroll of information. You need to create a page that continually draws your customers to read. For example, you should start with a definition of what your business offers. Now the page should answer the question by addressing all of your customers concerns, such as your services, their benefits, their cost, and how they can contact you. Storytelling Blogs Business blogs have come a long way since the early days of simply promoting your latest sales. Storytelling has become a major online business revolution, one that you can start with a regularly updated and engaging blog. Create a blog updated either by you or a talented story teller and update it at least once a week with engaging personal stories. For example, you could write a blog about the day your son took the training wheels off his bike. This cute story can then be metaphorically linked to your business services in a clever way. Make sure to create a “comment” section for your customers to let them communicate directly with you. A back-and-forth communication in the comments section will make your customers feel more integrated with your business. Card Design Card design focuses on creating small packets of information in the shape of rectangles. These “cards” are scattered across your page, usually with a small image and a meta description detailing what information is contained inside. Once clicked, they open up a new realm of relevant information. Cards are becoming popular because they not only provide information, but also ask the user to interact with the site. This interactivity undoubtedly makes users feel more engaged with the site. The average card should have no more than a paragraph or two of description. The limited information set on each card is actually a major part of the appeal of card design. It will quickly grab the attention of a reader in a few sentences and give them a teaser on what they will learn should they decide to click on it. That way, they can browse multiple cards and choose only the ones which appeal to them. Many of these promising new trends are already being implemented by many of the most popular web sites around the world. Don’t get left behind in a world of dancing baby gifs and  complicated multi-page sites. Overhaul your site with these new design concepts to make sure your site stays...

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Three Tips For Easy Web Content Management

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Online marketing is becoming more and more important for businesses of all kinds. When you are new to content curation, it can be daunting to get started. Here are some ideas for staying on top your website and delivering unique content.  Have Regular Brainstorming Sessions to Keep Ideas Flowing The idea of thought leadership is becoming important in online content marketing and throughout businesses. Readers are looking for fresh ideas that push the boundaries and show that the company is trying to innovate. In order to come up with this type of content, it’s important to sit down on a regular basis to discuss new directions for content.  While browsing for topics, you or your marketing team should be thinking about what’s missing— what can you cover on your site that readers might not be able to find elsewhere? This may be a unique way that your company can solve a problem, or your thoughts on unusual connections between several problems. If you create a rolling list of these topics, you’ll have plenty of ideas for new content and new research directions.  Curate Content Ahead of Time It’s a good idea to have static content that you can grab whenever you need it. For instance, there are certain evergreen topics that you could post at any time. By having this backlog of articles to post, you won’t get in a bind if you fall behind at some point.  Of course, some events and topics to come up at the last minute, and you will want to comment on them in a timely fashion in order to get the most bang for your buck. While you won’t be able to prepare for these in your content curation, you can still stay in the game if you have a content management system that is easy to implement.  Get a Good Content Management System (CMS) Ideally, you would like your marketing team’s efforts to be focused on coming up with great content, not on fiddling with the appearance of the site each time. This can be done by creating a good administrative site that allows employees to easily manage the content. Having a drag and drop CMS on your website will allow your marketing team to simply add new articles and images to the site without getting too technical.  Online marketing and content curation doesn’t have to be a large endeavor if your business is organized about how it creates and distributes new content. By systematically brainstorming, scheduling, and dropping content into your website, you can stay ahead of the...

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2015 Mobile App Development: 5 Things To Focus On For Success

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With virtually everyone in the country having some form of technological device in their hands, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, the industry for mobile app development is more popular than ever. As it continues to evolve, app developers will need to keep up with the analytics in order to provide the best mobile app for consumers. Business owners who need an app developed will need to familiarize themselves with the things that are most important to consumers, while app developers will want to prioritize these crucial aspects of the development process. Here are five things business owners and developers will want to focus on this year: 1. Application Security If you follow the mobile app industry, then you likely heard about all of the information leaks and hacking attempts/successes in 2014. According to recent predictions, this is only going to increase throughout 2015 and likely beyond. In fact, an estimated three-fourths of mobile apps will fail the simplest of security tests. Hackers will continue to find security gaps in order to get their hands on sensitive information. 2. Wearable Technology With some of the larger technologically-advanced companies launching wearable technology, these devices are going to become very popular as the years go by. These devices are likely to improve efficiency as well as productivity. With more companies expected to launch these devices, mobile app developers will be switching their focus from mobile-friendly apps to apps that can be utilized on wearable devices. 3. M-Commerce and Mobile Payments More and more consumers are beginning to use their tablet or smartphone to make online purchases. In fact, m-commerce sales are expected to have doubled from 2014 to 2016. This means that developers will need to begin to focus on mobile applications that have the ability to process various transactions without requiring cash or a physical credit or debit card. 4. In-App Advertising Back in 2012, it was projected by Juniper Research that in-app ads would exceed $7 billion by the year 2015. The following year, the same firm predicted the mobile advertising would reach $40 billion over the following five years. In-app advertising is becoming extremely popular and is one of the more effective ways of targeting the right audience with appropriate advertisements. This going to become a key factor in monetization of mobile applications moving forward, especially considering the fact that more developers are opting for a free app over a paid app. 5. User Experience The user’s experience has and always will come first. Moving forward, especially with the increase in advertising in the app itself, it is going to be more important than ever. After all, if the user isn’t happy, they’re going to find a different app that offers a better experience. Therefore, mobile developers are going to have to focus on enhanced user experiences. The aforementioned five things are going to be important factors in the success of mobile applications moving forward. If you aren’t a developer yourself, make sure that the mobile app development company that you choose to work with in creating your mobile application is up-to-date on the recent trends in the...

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Planning A Business Project? Why You Need A Gantt Chart

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Planning for and successfully executing a project can be a laborious task.  You have to delegate responsibilities, set deadlines and make sure that your entire team is on the same page.  Simply holding meetings to get this accomplished may not be the most effective method, because gatherings of this nature can sometimes be quite boring, and you may end with very little accomplished.  This is why you definitely want to use a Gantt chart to help you organize your next project.  A Gantt chart is an administrative tool that allows you to completely outline your project from start to finish.  Use this information to learn more about why a Gantt chart is the best way to make sure that your projects go off without a hitch. Gantt Charts Keep Everyone On The Same Page One of the main reasons why Gantt planners are so valuable is because they keep everyone on the same page.  A Gantt chart is set up in the same way as a graph, with tasks on the vertical axis, and timeframes on the horizontal axis.  Using the chart, you set defined boundaries concerning when a task starts and when it ends.  This keeps everyone focused on the end game so that your project concludes on schedule. For example, if your company is rolling out a new product and needs to have the marketing aspect of the campaign completed by a particular date, you can note this on the calendar.  This gives your advertising team the information they need to make sure that all newspaper, television, Internet, and radio ads are negotiated before the product hits the market so that you can generate a significant amount of buzz. Gantt Charts Can Be Easily Updated Another reason why Gantt charts are so beneficial is because they can be easily updated.  You can create a Gantt chart on the shared network drive for your company that can be viewed by every member of your staff.  If there is a change in a proposed deadline, the person responsible for that task can go in and change the date, and can even include a note detailing the reason for the change.  This is very helpful because it means that you won’t have to call a meeting each time there is a change in your plans.  You simply go in and update the Gantt chart, then send out a company wide email asking your team to review the revised Gantt schedule. Using a Gantt chart is the perfect way to detail a project from beginning to end.  Incorporate Gantt charts in your business so that you can have project success each and every time. Talk to a company like GANTTplanner to learn more about how these charts can be beneficial for each of your...

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How Web Design Can Make Or Break Your Small Business

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When you have your own small business, you try to do everything that you can to expand your business, gain more clientele, and give people the best possible perception and vision of your business. Of course, because your business is small and you do not have a large budget, accomplishing all of these tasks can be a challenge to be sure. While you may be tempted to do it all yourself, one area that you should not skimp on is your business’s website design. Get to know some of the many reasons that your web design can make or break your small business so that you can better understand the importance of your website.  Many People Shop Online Before They Go To Businesses While in the past, businesses found customers through foot traffic, word of mouth and print advertising, today the online universe is the best way to reach and access your customer base. More people shop online today than ever before. As such, it is important to have a website that draws potential customers in and will inspire them to step away from their computer screens and drive to your store location.  If your website is plain, incomplete, or has broken links or other technical problems, potential customers may get a negative impression of your business and assume that it is subpar or not worth their time. They will continue their web search for alternative shopping sites.  Even worse, if you do not have a web presence at all, some potential customers may never even know your business exists.  People Want To See Something Unique If you decide to take it upon yourself to design or create your own website, you will likely end up using an online program to help you build that site. This is because you are not a web programmer and cannot write the code for your site to make it entirely unique.  By going through these online web design sites, you will choose from a selection of templates that are pre-made. All you need to do is add your own pictures and text into that template and you are ready to publish your site. While this process is easy, it also is quite generic. So many websites exist using these same templates that a person visiting your site may very well recognize them. They may then have the impression that your business is boring and unoriginal. Instead, if you have a professional web programmer design your site, it can be completely customized to perfectly suit your business and represent the individuality that you hope your small business has.  Your web design is one of the most important elements of your business marketing. So, even though your business and budget are currently small, do not cut corners when it comes to your web...

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Use A Telemarketing Service For Your Marketing Needs

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If you are a small business owner, then you know how hard it is to grow your business. You can try all sorts of things trying to get new customers to come into your business. One thing that you might not have tried is using a telemarketing service.  Why Use a Telemarketing Service? The best reason to use telemarketing service to do your marketing is that they are already experienced at telemarketing. You can talk to the people at the service about what you are looking for. They can help you come up with a script for the callers to use. You also won’t have to take the time out to train anyone or pay for them to do the work. The service will take care of all of that for you.  How Will a Telemarketing Service Help? Well, a telemarketing company will be able you in a lot of ways. One of them is that they will have several demographic databases. That means that they can pinpoint the kind of people you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for male homeowners in between age 35-50 who live in a particular area, they will be able to call the people who meet your requirements. That means that they won’t be calling everyone in a particular area, which is just a waste of time. They will only be contacting the people who could really use your business.  What Else Can a Telemarketing Service Do? Not only can a telemarketing company help you grow by marketing your business, they can help you do other things, too. For one thing, they can help you with customer service. That means that instead of having a customer call you to put in an order, the number they call will go to a call center. The person at the call center will then take the order and pass it on to you. The call center will also help you deal with customer complaints.  Owning a successful small business can take a lot of work. Marketing is also a lot of work and not everyone is good at it. But without marketing your company won’t grow. Hiring a telemarketing service to help you do your marketing will make growing your company easier on you. You will just have to focus on the day-to-day running of your business, and not have to have to come up with another marketing plan. For more information on telemarketing jobs, click...

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