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Web Design Trends Your Business Can't Afford To Miss

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If you want to succeed in the world of online business, you need to stay on top of the latest website design trends. These trends change so quickly that it can be impossible to know if your site is current and "hip." The following trends are some of the most sweeping and industry-changing, and ignoring them will leave your business far behind your competitors.

Long, Scrolling Pages

The days of clicking through a complex web of pages may be over. Long, scrolling pages are becoming more and more popular, due to their simplicity of use. Simply put, users don't have to navigate a confusing maze of information, but can just scroll their mouse wheel to learn all they need to know from your page.

However, designing scrolling pages isn't as simple as creating an endless scroll of information. You need to create a page that continually draws your customers to read. For example, you should start with a definition of what your business offers. Now the page should answer the question by addressing all of your customers concerns, such as your services, their benefits, their cost, and how they can contact you.

Storytelling Blogs

Business blogs have come a long way since the early days of simply promoting your latest sales. Storytelling has become a major online business revolution, one that you can start with a regularly updated and engaging blog.

Create a blog updated either by you or a talented story teller and update it at least once a week with engaging personal stories. For example, you could write a blog about the day your son took the training wheels off his bike.

This cute story can then be metaphorically linked to your business services in a clever way. Make sure to create a "comment" section for your customers to let them communicate directly with you. A back-and-forth communication in the comments section will make your customers feel more integrated with your business.

Card Design

Card design focuses on creating small packets of information in the shape of rectangles. These "cards" are scattered across your page, usually with a small image and a meta description detailing what information is contained inside. Once clicked, they open up a new realm of relevant information.

Cards are becoming popular because they not only provide information, but also ask the user to interact with the site. This interactivity undoubtedly makes users feel more engaged with the site. The average card should have no more than a paragraph or two of description.

The limited information set on each card is actually a major part of the appeal of card design. It will quickly grab the attention of a reader in a few sentences and give them a teaser on what they will learn should they decide to click on it. That way, they can browse multiple cards and choose only the ones which appeal to them.

Many of these promising new trends are already being implemented by many of the most popular web sites around the world. Don't get left behind in a world of dancing baby gifs and  complicated multi-page sites. Overhaul your site with these new design concepts to make sure your site stays competitive.