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Tips for Addressing an Employment Gap on Your Resume

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A skilfully written resume can often be enough to get you in the door for an interview, giving you a real shot and landing the job of your choice. If your employment history has a gap, you might wish to disguise this fact on your resume. This, however, can be a bad idea. Employers can often quickly tell when someone is disguising an employment gap, which may make them leery of calling you for an interview. If you haven't worked for any reason for a certain amount of time, here are some tips for dealing with this issue on your resume.

Highlight Your Professional Training

A gap in your employment history doesn't have to lessen your chance of getting the job. You can compensate for this gap by highlighting your professional training that is applicable to the position for which you're applying. For example, if you have been out of work for a year but have kept busy by taking some courses at your local junior college in office administration, focus on making this information a highlight on your resume. The average employer will be able to see that even if you haven't been employed for a period, you've been sharpening your skills to remain competitive in the industry.

Write About Unpaid Internships

An unpaid internship may not technically be the same as being employed, but it's still a productive use of your time when you don't have a paying job. This information can take a central position on your resume if you have a gap in your employment history. For example, perhaps you left your last career because you wanted to make a change, and then decided to work as an intern to get some real-world experience in a new industry. This detail shows a high degree of initiative, and even if you weren't in a paid position, many employers will be interested to speak to you.

Discuss Volunteer History

Some people who have a gap in their employment history can benefit from discussing their work as a volunteer. This information shows prospective employers that you've been actively giving back in the community, which can be desirable to many companies. For example, if your employment history gap is because you're a stay-at-home mother, you can talk about the volunteer work you do during the day, whether it's helping out at your child's daycare or school, taking care of a few children after school, or something else that is related.

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