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3 Ways To Boost The Effectiveness Of Social Media Marketing Efforts For Your Small Business

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With new social networking platforms developing at an amazing rate and easier portable access to the internet via smartphones, the average consumer will now spend more time than ever on social media sites. In fact, some research has suggested that most adults check some form of social media site at least once per every hour that they are awake through the day, or something like 17 times in a 24-hour period. As a consumer, this research doesn't mean a whole lot, but as a small business owner, this information is the key to vamping up your digital marketing efforts. Check out these three ways you can boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. 

Keep your social media pages current. 

One easy tip to always remember with social media marketing is to stay active. The more active your pages are, the more they will show up in news feeds and attract the eyes of potential consumers. Business pages that are rarely updated tend to fall out of sight and out of conversation, which is definitely not what you want. If you have to hire a digital marketing agency specifically for updating page posts and feeds daily, do it. The end result of consistent attention is well worth the effort. 

Create a communicative platform. 

The modern consumer likes the idea that they can get in direct touch with the businesses they are curious about without actually having to search them out or give them a call. Make sure the social media pages and profiles you create for your small business play on this important factor. Someone should be designated to stay on top of communicating with consumers through messaging platforms and to reply to comments and questions on profile pages in a timely manner. The more communicative your page seems to be, the more it will attract visitors. 

Link up social media platforms with your website. 

Your website may be fantastic and easily navigable, but is it linked to social media profiles in both directions? There should be easy-to-find links on your social media pages to your business website and vice versa. It is even a good idea to post reminding links to the website in feed posts on a regular basis. Intertwining the two platforms helps generate traffic to both your website and your social media profiles so you can build a healthy number of followers, likes, and interested people.