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A Few Things To Discuss With Your Law Firm Marketing Team

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Marketing a law firm takes considerable time and resources. If you have a large firm, with many different areas of law covered, you may have an internal marketing division. However, if you are part of a smaller firm, using an outside marketing team may be better. When you talk with different companies the offer law firm marketing services, there are a few things you need to discuss so you are sure you are receiving the best help.

Measurable Results

It is important that any marketing you do is measurable. While it is possible to ask any new potential clients how they heard about you, it is best to have another way of knowing how many people are being reached and how many are responding to it. Have the company show you the different types of advertising they suggest and how they plan on keeping track of its effectiveness. Ask how long they plan on continuing methods that don't have good results. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of time for a campaign to prove its worth.

Current Clients

You need to be sure that your current clients are not being forgotten about. Just because someone has used your services in the past does not mean they will in the future. This is especially true if other firms are marketing these people. Provide the team with a list of all your current clients and discuss ways of keeping your firm the one they turn to in the future. If they need services in areas you do not cover, make sure they come to you for a recommendation. When you give the name of another firm to a client, that firm is more likely to give your name when one of their clients need help in an area of your expertise.

Your Business Plan

In order to serve you better, a marketing team needs to know and understand your business plan and where you are on it. Take the time to sit and discuss the steps you plan on taking to reach your goals so they can be sure to market appropriately.

While law firm marketing services are important to the success of your business, if you do not talk with the team regularly about what is being done and your plans, you may be wasting good money. Even though the team is not a division of your company does not mean you should let them take the ball and run with it. Maintain good communications and your firm will benefit the most.